My name is Frank Tentler. Since 2004 I am working with social media. In 2008 I produced the first German transmedia storytelling project. Also I developed the first concepts for interactive places (smartplaces) in 2012 and since 2014 I have been working intensively on the opportunities and risks of the so-called "digital transformation" .

A Chinese proverb says:
"If the wind of change blows, onebuilds wall and the other windmills."
I'm not just building windmills with my customers, but I'm making them wind experts.

The range of my clients includes international and German companies, cultural enterprises, museums, cities / municipalities, associations and authorities. I work as a consultant and project developer and give trainings and lectures in Germany and abroad.
Many of my current projects revolve around the topic of "real-digital experiences - smartspheres". This includes places (such as museums, stadiums, arenas, and even entire cities) that are transformed into a place where people interact through apps and social networks, using location-based technologies and services (such as beacons and augmented reality).
In addition to the technical planning of such concepts, I develop appropriate communication strategies (3-dimensional storytelling).
According to websites, blogs and podcasts, as well as social media, the 4th phase of the web builds on "Mobile Only", "Internet of Things" and data analysis. This requires people who are engaged in communication and marketing, new perspectives, new strategies and new know-how.
Here I am your companion and consultant.

Due to the rapid development of the web today and in the coming years, I have decided to redesign my services:
While #TENTLER bundles my "classic" customer offerings from the field of social web and messenger marketing, I am going directly into the world of information, communication and marketing of tomorrow with my solutions under the TENTLER + label.



Social Web and Messenger Marketing. Consulting and projects.

#TENTLER is my comprehensive offer for you to interact with the users of social media networks and messenger services successfully and sustainably.
It offers you everything you need for professional communication and digital marketing:

  • Development and integration of an individual transmedia storytelling strategy
  • Planning and building all the necessary social media and messenger company accounts
  • Conception and production of Social Web campaigns and events
  • Change Management Projects "PR and Marketing in the Social Web"
  • Agile quality management processes - so-called "Social Impact Optimization (SIO)" - for communication and marketing in the social web
  • Establishment and management of internal and external "Social Web Teams"
  • Development and production of individual "Social Web Command Center"
  • Monitoring. Evaluation and campaigning campaigns, actions (own and competition) and agency services
  • Business consulting for digital marketing
  • Social web optimization of websites / apps and campaigns
  • Human resources, employees and outsourcing
  • Basic training and advanced trainingKeynotes and lectures


Consulting and projects for digital transformation.

We are always looking for new definitions to describe the rapidly growing possibilities of web technologies. According to Web 2.0 and Social Web, the current phase is called 4.0. Work 4.0. City 4.0. Trade 4.0 ... 0.4 seems to cover all areas of our lives, and with this arbitrary fractionation, it only express how difficult we are to deal with the overall picture.
In the field of information and communication, I have been working on consulting and projects since 2012 on how far-reaching this rapid and ever-accelerating 4th evolutionary phase of the web is. In 2016 it has now also arrived in Germany and a hype, became a trend.
Thanks to the internet of things, location based technologies / services and "mobile only" users interact with and through the places where they are located.
Users have been the driving force behind this development, as this technology and its services are very intuitive and easy to use.
Through apps that interact with their environment using GPS, beacons and NFC, smartphone users receive information of individual relevance and multimedial quality at the point where they are needed through links, push messages and augmented / virtual reality information.

For this new world of technical and communicative networking, I offer the TENTLER+ label to my customers as a steadily growing range:

  • Analysis and evaluation of the actual situation
  • Consulting and implementation ´digital transformation´
  • Development and production of smartplaces (interactive museums, stadiums, festivals, shops, ...)
  • Development and production of location based services apps (Smartsphere apps)
  • Extending existing "Transmedia Storytelling" concepts to ´3-Dimensional Storytelling´
  • City 4.0: Concepts and strategies for the meaningful integration of ´Location Based Services / Technologies´ into urban marketing for trade, tourism and culture and citizens' participation
  • Campaigns and projects at the interface between analogue and digital world
  • Basic and advanced training
  • Keynotes and lectures


If you have any questions or ideas, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Call me or write me an email.

Frank Tentler
+49 173 444 444 6